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Stay up to date with Blue Green Canada's mission: merging environmental and worker interests for a cleaner, equitable, and job-rich economy.

Blue Green Canada recognizes the importance of the passage of Bill C-50 as the legislative beginning toward ensuring Canada’s workers

From the Ground Up – SK Community Podcast Senior Program Manager Jamie Kirkpatrick in conversation with host Mark Bigland-Pritchard about

Blue Green Canada’s priorities and proposed amendments to language and implementation of Bill C-50 are separated into Structure and Capacity

Senior program manager Jamie Kirkpatrick joins host of the Courage My Friends podcast series Resh Budhu to talk about the

The Energy Transition: Empowering Climate Justice and Action Panel at 2023 Progress Summit Thursday’s panel discussion will interrogate a progressive

Mar 30 – Apr 1 @ THE WESTIN – OTTAWA REGISTER for the Transition to a Just Economy Dialogues as

Leveraging Canada’s low-carbon advantage is a clear win for workers, industry and the environment. Blue Green Canada’s President, Meg Gingrich

The following addresses the specific questions included in the People-Centred Just Transition Discussion Paper. Blue Green Canada was founded in

Blue Green Canada’s submission to the Federal pre-budget consultation – February 19, 2021 Together our governments, communities, and workers have

The Nature of Work is Changing

How has your job changed?

The Nature of Work is Changing

How has your job changed?
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1. Have there been any changes with your work because of climate change?
5. Do you ever get scared because of climate change?

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I give permission to Blue Green Canada to use my name and the answers and comments I have submitted above in their work.