Creating jobs and fighting climate change by buying clean- iPOLITICS

Leveraging Canada’s low-carbon advantage is a clear win for workers, industry and the environment.

Blue Green Canada’s President, Meg Gingrich (USW) and board director Sarah Petrevan (CEC), co-authored an opinion piece along with the President and CEO of the Aluminum Association of Canada, Jean Simard, on the importance of the new federal government adopting a Buy Clean strategy.

Each organization is a member of the “Buy Clean Industry Alliance,” a group of industry leaders who aim to bring together perspectives from labour, industry, and the environmental sector to encourage the federal government to move fast and develop a national Buy Clean Strategy. Members include Blue Green Canada, Clean Energy Canada, the Canadian Steel Producers Association, the Cement Association of Canada, Aluminum Association of Canada and the Forest Products Association of Canada.

You can read the editorial in iPOLITICS  here.


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The Nature of Work is Changing

How has your job changed?

The Nature of Work is Changing

How has your job changed?
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