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Senior program manager Jamie Kirkpatrick joins host of the Courage My Friends podcast series Resh Budhu to talk about the alliance between labour and climate movements in the push for a clean energy economy and the Just Transition we need to get us there.

To listen to the full episode of Good jobs, clean economy: Pushing for a Just Transition, please tune into Needs No Introduction.

The Courage My Friends podcast is presented by and the Tommy Douglas Institute, with the support of the Douglas Coldwell Layton Foundation.

Speaking to joint climate and labour demands and the idea of a Just Transition, Kirkpatrick says:

“Blue Green and a number of allies have been advocating… the idea of buying clean… You’re keeping people employed here at home. You’re keeping plants up and running… It’s 100 per cent about keeping jobs, reducing the carbon, building our a future together… If everyone is struggling to get by, you are living paycheck to paycheck and if that paycheck disappears, you’re in deep trouble. And that’s why we talked about the care economy… the importance of good union jobs and all of these things that don’t always necessarily seem to be connected, but they very much are… Change is inevitable, but justice is not.”


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The Nature of Work is Changing

How has your job changed?

The Nature of Work is Changing

How has your job changed?
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1. Have there been any changes with your work because of climate change?
5. Do you ever get scared because of climate change?

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