Statements on Bill C-50 The Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act

Blue Green Canada recognizes the importance of the passage of Bill C-50 as the legislative beginning toward ensuring Canada’s workers do not have to choose between good jobs and protecting the environment.

The process that brought the Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act to this point happened, in good measure, because workers, environmentalists, and a huge range of other civil society organizations came together to ensure that workers’ experience and knowledge are central to the legislation. The adoption of this bill is a step toward a Canada where workers have meaningful participation in government decision-making, to advocate for worker- and community-centered strategies that reduce emissions, and create sustainable jobs that are good for workers and address climate challenges.

“After months of waiting, we are pleased to see Bill C-50 move one step closer to enactment. The significant amendments proposed in December will strengthen this bill by expanding its focus not only to new jobs, but also to existing jobs in resources and manufacturing. Despite efforts from opponents to silence workers’ voices in the debate, unions and environmental groups have pushed this forward, resulting in stronger legislation that will set the framework for creating and maintaining sustainable jobs,” said Meg Gingrich, President, Blue Green Canada.

“The United Steelworkers union is pleased that after months of hard work, the Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act has finally passed with amendments that will benefit workers. This Act will set up a framework to keep and improve good jobs in Canada as we transition to a cleaner economy. We urge the senate to pass this bill quickly,” said Marty Warren, United Steelworkers (USW) Canadian National Director.

“The federal government must develop multi-faceted plans to create and sustain the jobs of today and tomorrow in an economy in transition,” said Unifor National President Lana Payne. “Our union supports the Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act and calls on all parties to expedite adoption of this vital bill.”

“The Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act is an important piece of legislation that will help create a pathway for workers to build prosperity and leadership in the clean economy,” said Kendall Anderson, director of the Equitable Transition program at the Pembina Institute. “This helps bring us closer to a clean energy future. We are looking forward to contributing to the next steps, as Canada defines a vision that enables workers and communities to benefit from and lead the energy transition through well-paid jobs and improved access to economic opportunities.”

“The Broadbent Institute is pleased to see the first steps towards climate action in Canada that prioritizes workers, and we call for wide support of Bill C-50 now so that we can accelerate the next steps for substantial action on jobs and emissions reductions,” said Clement Nocos, Broadbent Institute Director of Policy. “This legislation has seen a strong common front for labour and climate movements seeking real action on jobs and climate, and it would be a missed opportunity if opposition to the Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act dismisses the cross-sectoral solidarity and agreement on its necessity for Canada’s economy.”

“The Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act is essential for preparing Canadians to succeed in the green economy. After months of unnecessary delays, we’re pleased and relieved to see it reach this significant milestone. Now, the Act must move swiftly through the Senate and be adopted before the summer. Delaying it beyond that risks leaving many Canadian workers and communities behind,” said Alienor Rougeot, Program Manager, Climate and Energy, Environmental Defence Canada.

Looking for further information on what’s next for Bill C-50, sustainable jobs and industrial decarbonization? 

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