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Well-managed and inclusive transitions toward a zero-carbon economy must be guided by those impacted communities and workers.

Climate change is the preeminent challenge of our time.

Left unchecked, climate change threatens the very future of civilization. This urgent threat is happening while we also face other great challenges including: the COVID pandemic; growing economic inequality; increasing precarious work; reconciliation with Indigenous people; and continuing discrimination against women, racialized persons, and the 2SLGBTQIA+ communities.

As we rise to meet the challenge of climate change, we must build an inclusive movement that addresses the needs of young people, Indigenous people, workers, people with disabilities, women, newcomers, and even environmentalists. Together, we have the power to find solutions to ensure our economy is green, inclusive, and fair!

Industrial Decarbonization

Decarbonization efforts must be developed and planned with workers, included as equal participants, and not consulted after the fact. We need green industrial policies and funding to hold our government and employers accountable, address the needs of workers and communities, and map out a path to a productive, inclusive, and sustainable economic future.


The Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act

Bill C-50 –  An Act respecting accountability, transparency and engagement to support the creation of sustainable jobs for workers and economic growth in a net-zero economy.

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The Nature of Work is Changing

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