Blue Green Canada’s Christine Jones to Moderate Energy Transition Panel

The Energy Transition: Empowering Climate Justice and Action Panel at 2023 Progress Summit

Thursday’s panel discussion will interrogate a progressive position on the energy transition and what needs to be considered with work already underway to reduce emissions, what impacts this could have, and how labour and environmental movements have come together. What more could be done by ENGOs and Labour to both meet current needs and what to prepare for looking forward to 2030 and 2050 horizons?


Watch the panel March 9 at 4:45 PM ET on the Broadbent Institute’s youtube livestream

Panel Speakers

  • Rita Rahmati (Speaker)Canada’s Building and Trades Unions (CBTU) | Syndicat des métiers de la construction du Canada, Manager of Government Relations | Responsable des relations gouvernementales
  • Caroline Lee (Speaker)Canadian Climate Institute | l’Institut climatique du Canada, Mitigation Research Director | Directrice des recherches sur l’atténuation des changements climatiques
  • Nate Wallace (Speaker)Environmental Defence | Défense de l’environnement, Program Manager, Clean Transportation | Gestionnaire du programme de transport propre
  • Christine Jones (Moderator)Blue Green Canada, Program Manager, Industrial Decarbonization | Gestionnaire du programme de décarbonisation industrielle
  • Brendan Haley (Introduction)Efficiency Canada | Efficacité énergétique Canada, Director of Policy | Directeur de la politique



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Leveraging Canada’s low-carbon advantage is a clear win for workers, industry and the environment. Blue Green Canada’s President, Meg Gingrich

The Nature of Work is Changing

How has your job changed?

The Nature of Work is Changing

How has your job changed?
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1. Have there been any changes with your work because of climate change?
5. Do you ever get scared because of climate change?

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