Our Team

Jamie Kirkpatrick

Senior Program Manager

Jamie Kirkpatrick is Blue Green Canada’s Senior Program Manager. 

Jamie has over 25 years of campaign, research, and leadership experience, running successful campaigns related to climate change, public transit equity, air quality, and protecting green spaces.

Prior to moving west to Saskatoon, Jamie was the Chief of Staff to progressive Toronto City Councillors’ Mike Layton and Shelley Carroll. He is a graduate of the U of T with an Honours BA focused on environmental studies and environment and resource management where he studied under the late Jack Layton.

Christine Jones

Industrial Decarbonization Program Manager

Christine Jones is Blue Green Canada’s Industrial Decarbonization Program Manager

Christine is a long-time activist and social movement strategist, leading several organizations advocating for peace, human rights, the environment, and social justice. 

Before joining Blue Green Canada, Christine helped to mobilize people and communities from coast to coast to coast against Canada’s participation in wars of occupation. Along with working to get thousands of people in the streets to protest the Canadian government’s military agenda, she helped lead a popular education program on redirecting military spending to human needs and the environment, while challenging neoliberalism head on.


Blue Green Canada’s Board of Directors are nominated by its member organizations to serve the organization. Members agree to work together as advocates for working people and the environment by promoting solutions to environmental issues that have positive employment and economic impacts.

Executive Committee

Meg Gingrich

United Steelworkers (President)

Sari Sairanen

Unifor (Chair)

Keith Brooks

Environmental Defence (Secretary-Treasurer)


Kendall Anderson

Pembina Institute

Ken Bondy


Sylvia Boyce

United Steelworkers

Tim Gray

Environmental Defence

Jen Hassum

Broadbent Institute

Isabella Johnson

Columbia Institute

Kevin Millsip

Columbia Institute

Clement Nocos

Broadbent Institute

Mark Rowlinson


Oliver Sheldrick

Clean Energy Canada

Dan Valente


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