Conference Summary Report #BlueGreenAB

This is a brief summary of the Just Transition and Good Green Jobs for Alberta conference held by Blue Green Canada on October 17th 2016 at the Chateau Lacombe hotel in Edmonton.

The conference brought together more than 150 workers, environmentalists, government representatives, and other decision-makers to discuss key issues including the impacts of the phase-out of coal-fired electricity generation, what is needed for a just transition, job training opportunities, the growth potential of renewable energy, the importance of energy efficiency, and the opportunity to create good green jobs for Albertans.

Alberta is at the beginning of a new chapter in its economic history, with new jobs and new industries available for development. Existing occupations will continue, and new opportunities will open up. The government needs to take advantage of these opportunities, but, at the same time, the government must address the challenges posed by these economic changes by meeting the needs of workers, families and communities for support during the transition.

This report lists the speakers and presentations and discusses key themes that emerged from the conference.


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The Nature of Work is Changing

How has your job changed?

The Nature of Work is Changing

How has your job changed?
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1. Have there been any changes with your work because of climate change?
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