Statement on federal Just Transition Task Force report

For Immediate Release:

March 13, 2019

Toronto, ON – Ensuring that people are supported as Canada transitions to a green economy is the right thing to do. This is fair not only for coal power workers themselves, but an important step in showing how we can accelerate our efforts to tackle climate change and build a green economy that leaves no one behind.

The work and commitment the Task Force put into bringing forward what they heard directly from people impacted by Canada’s coal power phase out is commendable. And it is clear that these people want the Government of Canada to take an active role in ensuring a fair and just transition for workers and communities negatively impacted by the phase out coal power in Canada.

We must act quickly to help the communities currently being hit with job losses and the other impacts of the coal transition by acting on all ten of the task force’s recommendations. As we help coal power workers, Canada will also be able to better prepare Canadians in other sectors and communities facing transitions of their own in the near future. 


On Monday, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna released the final report from the Task Force on Just Transition for Canadian Coal Power Workers and Communities.  The report and recommendations set out a clear path for how the Government of Canada can help ensure a fair and just transition for Canadian coal workers and communities, while supporting good jobs, and taking action on climate change.

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