Building Ontario's Green Economy

In recent years Ontario has made some impressive strides towards a green economy. Yet there is still much more to be done if we are to truly pursue a resource efficient, socially inclusive, low carbon economy.

In this report, Building Ontario's Green Economy, we have compiled a series of recommendations from a variety of sectors and areas, including energy efficient buildings, low carbon transportation, waste management, and cap and trade. Together, these recommendations illustrate what a green economy could look like in the province of Ontario, and they suggest a route by which this vision could be realized.

For Ontario, there are particularly compelling reasons to pursue a green economy, and the case is only strengthened by our present economic situation. The green economy is more manufacturing and export intensive than the rest of the economy, it offers better jobs with higher wages, and added jobs at nearly three times the rate of the economy at large even during the worst of the recession. In short, a green economy is one of the most promising ways for Ontario to shake of it's current economic malaise.

It is clear that Ontario’s policy makers appreciate both the need for and the opportunity presented by the green economy. They have already helped Ontario stand out as a North American green economic leader. Now we urge them to go farther, to solidify Ontario’s leadership and fully realized the opportunity that lies before us.

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Download the report here: Building Ontario's Green Economy