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Canadians Prefer Diversity

Majority of Canadians support investments in clean technology for job creation and a more diverse economy less dependent on oil: Poll 


Blue Green Canada hired Research House to ask Canadians their opinions on the state of the economy and their preference in the direction Canada should take for economic growth. This national online poll was fielded from September 28 to October 1, 2015 with a total of 1,208 interviews conducted. The poll set population based quotas to ensure accurate regional representation across the country.

Making Green Work

How do communities pursue green economic development? What are the enabling conditions that promote the green economy?  And what are the greatest challenges that must be overcome?

These are the questions at the center of this project, Making Green Work. 

In recent years, the green economy has received a lot of attention. And yet, fairly little is know about how the green economy comes into being. How can communities tap into this opportunity and attract leading companies and industries, and the green jobs these early leaders bring?

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