Letter to Premier Notley on the need for world leading methane regs

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Dear Premier Notley

We represent Albertans from the business, labour, and environmental sectors.

We believe you and your government made the correct decision when you took bold action on climate change. Not only will the Alberta Climate Leadership Plan reduce emissions, it will also support a robust, diversified, growing economy.

Developing effective methane regulations is one of the flagship pieces of the Climate Leadership Plan because it is one the cheapest and easiest ways to reduce greenhouse gas pollution while creating jobs. The signers of this letter are calling on the government to bring in world leading methane regulations designed for Alberta’s needs.

Methane is an odorless, colourless gas and one of the world’s major greenhouse gases that accounts for one seventh of all greenhouse gases created in Canada.

Venting, flaring, and leaking of methane is an unfortunate waste of an incredibly valuable resource. By effectively and efficiently capturing more methane we can address climate change while generating more jobs, develop key technology that can be exported around the world, and generate more royalties to pay for hospitals, schools, and roads.

There is an emerging consensus that continuing to allow methane to leak and vent is no longer an acceptable cost of doing business. There are a number of innovative companies in Alberta ready to supply methane capture and detection technologies and services and a large majority of these companies report being poised for strong growth given the right regulatory signals.

By acting now to implement a regulatory system that strengthens the draft federal regulations –using them as a floor and not a ceiling — Alberta can lead the country’s methane reduction efforts and keep good job opportunities in the oil and gas sector from going to waste.

The methane regulations must be fair and comprehensive. This means ensuring that all emitters included in the regulations are responsible for frequent inspections to detect and repair leaks.

Alberta is already a leader in methane detection and capture technology and as climate action increases around the globe the rest of the world will need our expertise.

World leading methane regulation will help lay the foundation for an innovative, collaborative, diversified economy and we look to you for the leadership needed to make this happen


Blue Green Canada, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, Iron and Earth, Keepers of the Athabasca, Pembina Institute, Peace River Environmental Society, Progress Alberta, Questor Technology, Unifor, United Steelworkers

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