Making Green Work

How do communities pursue green economic development? What are the enabling conditions that promote the green economy?  And what are the greatest challenges that must be overcome?

These are the questions at the center of this project, Making Green Work. 

In recent years, the green economy has received a lot of attention. And yet, fairly little is know about how the green economy comes into being. How can communities tap into this opportunity and attract leading companies and industries, and the green jobs these early leaders bring?

With this project, are looking for some answers to these questions. Our aim is to help communities better understand how they can attract green economic development.

The project involves looking at three distinct areas or understandings of the green economy to see where they overlap, and where they differ. Specifically, we're conducting a literature review, reading reports form academics, international organizations and economic development plans, we're interviewing experts and green economy development practitioners, and we're engaging in three communities: Hamilton, Guelph and Mount Dennis.

Our goal is to increase green economic literacy and to help communities identify and pursue opportunities for green economic development.

And to find out more about the communities we're working in, follow the links here.