Don't Delay methane busting jobs

Today we relased our new report DON'T DELAY - Methane Emission Restrictions Mean Immediate Jobs in Alberta  

The draft Federal methane regulations introduced in May represent an improvement over the status quo treatment of methane in the oil-and-gas sector. But rather than tackling our methane problem now -- with available made-in-Canada world-class solutions -- the draft regs delay real action on curbing emissions until 2023.

For Alberta in particular there is no good reason to delay regulating methane. By acting now to implement a regulatory system that strengthens the draft federal regulations --using them as a floor and not a ceiling -- Alberta can lead the country’s methane reduction efforts and keep good green job opportunities from going to waste.

Waiting will be costly – for job growth and the environment:

  • The potential to create jobs in a growing methane mitigation industry – up to 15,000 years of work over a decade – could be delayed or lost to U.S.-based competitors that have already begun developing new equipment or approaches in leading U.S. markets.
  • Pushing back the full implementation of methane regulations from the original target of having regulations in place by 2018 means the oil-and-gas sector will unnecessarily release an additional 55 million tonnes of carbon emissions.
  • Delaying action will mean continued damage to our health, the climate, the environment, and lost economic and employment opportunities, despite government’s recognition that allowing methane to leak and vent is no longer an acceptable cost of doing business.

Cleaner air with fewer harmful GHG emissions and more good jobs sooner … why delay? 

Download our full report here.