Climate Change - A Just Transition is Possible

The world's attention is focussed on Paris where leaders from around the globe are negotiating for commitments to act on climate change. The agreement negotiated in Paris is expected to set the long-term goals that the global community will take on.    

For greater detail on all that is at state in these important negotiations you can read Blue Green Canada member Environmental Defence's excellent summary: Canada's Role at COP21

Blue Green Canada wrote to Canada’s new Minister of Environment and Climate Change and the Chief Negotiator for Climate Change from Environment Canada prior to the start of the COP21 calling on them to support the inclusion of Just Transition language in the text of the Paris Agreement. 

People and organizations from around the world continue to urge their representatives at COP21 to ensure the agreement protects the rights of Indigenous peoples and includes a just transition for workers as we decarbonize our economies.

The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) led a 35-member delegation of public and private sector union representatives to the COP21 meetings, including representatives from Blue Green Canada members Unifor and the United Steelworkers. The Canadian labour contingent is in Paris working ensure the negotiated text contains ambitious emission reduction targets as well as Just Transition language that ensures workers and communities get the support they need as high-carbon industries are transformed.  

In the following video CLC president Hassan Yussuff, Unifor president Jerry Dias, and author of "This Changes Everything" Naomi Klein talk about on how unions can lead in the fight to save our planet.