The Green Economy Review: Insight into Green Job Developments Worldwide Volume 8, Juner 2011

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In this issue:
Ontario Manufacturing Starts
Ontario’s Feed in Tariff and domestic content requirements continue to attract manufacturers to the province. Last month:
Eyes on Ontario
Ontario’s FIT program received international attention last month. Early in May, the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Program, Achim Steiner, was in Toronto where he applauded Ontario’s embrace of clean energy and said that in other countries, similar programs have helped them shift their economies to a “new playing field.”
The New York Times took notice of Ontario’s program after news that the Toronto District School Board would install solar panels on their rooftops to finance repairs. And the TDSB isn’t the only school board taking advantage of the program. Two schools in Grimsby will also be installing solar panels, as are others elsewhere. These announcements from the schools are just a couple examples of the 700 projects approved last month.
Canada’s Green Economy
A number of other green economy developments made news last month. Among them:
U.S. News
Despite a lack of national climate change legislation, the U.S. is making progress towards a green economy. Last month, legislation to support renewable energy was passed in Vermont and Rhode Island, and a tri-partisan 10 Million Solar Roofs Bill was introduced at the National level.
Renewable energy manufacturing is also growing in the U.S. A new solar manufacturing plant opened in Las Vegas last month, Suntech Solar in Arizona added a third shift, a Vermont manufacturer began exporting wind turbines to Italy, and Siemens shipped 22 wind turbine nacelles and hubs from its new assembly facility in Kansas to a site in Washington.
Recent reports say that solar is among the fastest growing industries in the U.S. and if current trends continue, the U.S. is on pace to become world’s largest solar market. Wind power manufacturing and installations are also growing rapidly. Of note, Ohio will be the first to install offshore wind in the Great Lakes, as they recently approved a plan to erect turbines in Lake Erie with an eye to spurring a local manufacturing industry.
International Reports
The OECD published a report on “green growth” in which they argued that “governments must look to the green economy to seize opportunities and new sources of growth and jobs.”
The U.K.’s Carbon Trust put out a report which found that total global market for wave and tidal energy could be worth up to £40bn per annum by 2050. The Carbon Trust believes the U.K. could capture a significant share of this and generate 68,000 jobs in the process.
UNEP released a report last month that said the metal recycling rates are “disarmingly low," and greater recycling rates are vital to a green economy, yielding greater efficiency and significant gains in employment.
Silicon recycling firm SiC Processing AG is expanding their operations in response to growing demand for their proprietary process for recovering and reusing silicon carbide and glycol while making solar panels and wafers.
Reports out of the U.K. say 10,000 jobs could be created through the reuse of waste electronics, thanks to legislation being rolled out across the E.U.
The Bank of America announced a new $55 million program to encourage energy efficiency improvements in buildings in the U.S. And here in Canada, the Columbia Institute released a report titled “This Green House” which argues that modest investment in energy efficiency for homes would save Canadians money, bring about significant reductions in GHG emissions and create tens of thousands of jobs. 
Other International Developments
The green economy and renewable energy continue to gain ground internationally. Perhaps the biggest news last month comes out of the U.K., where Energy and Climate Secretary Chris Huhne announced that Britain will halve its greenhouse gas output by 2025 from 1990 levelsDetails were also released about the U.K.’s Green Investment Bank which is expected to inject £15bn into the green economy within four years. Britain’s push to build out renewable energy will be aided by the opening of a new wind turbine tower factory which is reportedly capable of meeting half the U.K.'s demand.
Other notable announcements include: