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Welcome to the new Blue Green News!

Each month we will use this space to share updates on our work and the activities of our member organizations advocating for working people and the environment. Blue Green Canada is based firmly in the understanding that a sustainable economy must provide good jobs and protect the environment, not one or the other.  For more info on Blue Green Canada check out:

This month we are highlighting an issue impacting west-end communities in Toronto. Mount Dennis has been hit hard by the closures of industry, particularly the Kodak factory in the centre of the York South – Weston riding. Residents have organized themselves and are pushing to revitalize their community by encouraging green redevelopment of the Kodak lands to create good local jobs. Back in 2012 Blue Green Canada worked with residents in Mount Dennis as part of our Making Green Work program. Together as members of the Toronto Community Benefits Network we worked to ensure that the expansion of transit in Toronto will result in opportunities for good jobs and create markets for new businesses.

Residents in York South – Weston have become welcome hosts for a soon to be built Maintenance and Storage Facility to service the new Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit line (LRT) and they are pushing to make this the greenest facility it can be.

The Crosstown LRT could be emissions free but not if plans for a polluting gas plant go ahead. Metrolinx, the Province’s regional transit authority, wants to build a gas plant to provide back-up power for the LRT. A better option exists – the LRT’s storage facility could house Canada’s largest rooftop solar project. Read our blog on this issue and take action by sending a letter to Metrolinx asking them to Ditch the Gas Plant and Go Solar!

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