Weak Methane Rules Risk Bleeding Away Jobs

Provincial regulators must adopt responsible methane rules that require leak detection and repair!

Canads's oil-and-gas sector would gain jobs and create more certainty of meeting emissions reduction targets. Please read and share our Weak Methane Rules Risk Bleeding Away Jobs report. 

Alberta and BC risk missing out on good local jobs finding and repairing methane leaks by adopting much weaker regulations than included in the federal methane regulations. These weaker provincial regulations must be strengthened to improve the oil-and-gas industry's environmental performance, reduce wasted natural gas, and create good local jobs for workers in the oil-and-gas sector!

If a truly equivalent plans don’t come forward from Alberta and BC, the Federal government must stick to its more rigorous and measurable plan to create well-paid jobs ending unnecessary, damaging, and dangerous leakage of methane and other air contaminants from oil-and-gas operations.